Cross Section

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Snap-On Cap Specifications

Standard Heavy H Bolt Sizes:

Inches: From ¼" to 3¼

Metric: From M5 to M90 (various heights)

Types of Plastic:

Standard: Low density polyethylene

See Product Data and Technical Information

Technical and safety data sheet

Other plastic available with special order: PP, PA6.6, TEE, and ETFE

Resistant To Not Resistant To:
non-oxidizing lye and acids oxidizing agents
alcohol organic acids
seawater nitric acids
inorganic acids  
hydrofluoric acids  

Rust Inhibitor Data

Rust inhibitor is recommended for all corrosion prevention applications. Best applied by brush directly on fasteners since preloading is not an option.

Rust inhibitor spec sheet (PDF)

Grease is available in 14 oz. cartridges and 5 gallon pails.