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NEW NY BRIDGE installs Sap-Seal corrosion prevention caps in key locations 10/12/2017

Sap-Seal caps are now installed on unitswide overhead sign structures along with superstructure and approach structure bearing locations throughout the New New York Bridge.

Photos featured with permission by NY State Thruway Authority.

Oakland Bay Bridge Gets New Corrosion Prevention On Its Bearing Fasteners 7/10/2017

Large bearing fasteners get new protection on the Oakland Bay Bridge in Oakland, CA.

Sapseal - Products, Inc., working jointly with AMCORRUSA and its distributor, provided total protection to large fasteners located on the Superstructure Bearing System. Their product,
VISCOTAQ VISCOSEALANT, was applied to the nuts and bolts in lieu of grease. The Sap-Seal caps were screwed into place utilizing the bolt extensions.

New Combination Cap (courtesy of Power Engineering) 12/14/2016

This situation did not allow for the bolts to be cut. We had to cover the nuts, washers and 10" of extended bolts.

The caps are from standard inventory but had to be modified to make this work.

The two snap-on caps had holes cut into the top. The bottom cap is actually the top part of our screw-on cap. When the bottom cap is turned clockwise, it eventually tightens the three and makes it one unit.

The customer was extremely pleased with the results.

Protecting Fasteners During Abrasive Cleaning (Sandblasting) 10/19/2015

For years, the accepted method of protecting fasteners on flanges and other exposed areas was to apply tape. This has taken an inordinate amount of time and often, didn't do an acceptable job.

Today, this application has become the fastest growing percentage of our overall business. The caps can remain on after cleaning and painting or they can be reused for another time.

Our Photo Gallery has examples of a completed job.

Corrosion Prevention Caps for Bridge Construction 8/21/2015

Recently our caps have been specified for new bridge construction in various locations in the Northeast.

Soon, our pre-loaded caps (with grease) will be installed on anchor bolts with double nuts that secure new overhead sign structures on a large new bridge (unnamed). The pre-loading of grease was specified to guarantee that the corrosion preventative would be applied evenly on ALL targeted fasteners. The contractor also knew they eliminated costly waste.

Another location on the same bridge has our caps protecting the fasteners on its Superstructure Anchor Pier Bearings. The importance of corrosion protection in these locations is paramount since their locations are not easily accessible.

Our website Gallery shows Sap-Seal snap-on caps (yellow) protecting fasteners that hold cables in place on a well-known cable stayed bridge. Maintenance is done every few years with the same caps reapplied.

Painted Nuts & Bolts 12/3/2012

Product application reminder:
Wire brushing will most likely be required to restore the bolt threads' "cutting ability" for applications that require SCREW-ON caps.

SNAP-ON caps are calibrated to provide a very tight fit onto HH nuts and paint will increase the width negating this fit. Wire brushing will most likely be required.

Fluoropolymer and Teflon coated fasteners can be covered satisfactorily by either style cap.

Anchor Bolt Reminder 10/2/2012

Anchor bolts in concrete - Two aspects that cannot be ignored are irregular heights and permanency. Bolt threads in
concrete basically cannot be replaced. If the anchored object (i.e. light post) needs replacing
and the nut(s) cannot come off due to corrosion or thread damage the cost can be high.

Our snap-on caps are available in varying heights; one of which should cover and protect the
fasteners. Please keep in mind that Heavy Hex nuts must be used to fasten.

Our screw-on caps utilize the extended bolts to fasten and will cover std. hex as well as Heavy
Hex nuts (see PDF for inside heights per bolt diameter).

SAP-SEAL for Ornamental Iron Works 7/9/2012

We now offer black snap-on caps in bolt diameter sizes of 1/4" and 3/8". We've seen a growing demand from the ornamental iron works industry, and we believe these caps add a "finishing touch" to iron railings and fences that have exposed anchor bolts.

Please see our Photo Gallery to see SAP-SEAL caps in place, including in use on wrought iron works.

If you or your company are interested in protective caps for anchor bolts, please contact us.

SAP-SEAL Caps for Solar Trees 3/23/2012

Solar trees are experiencing a rapid growth in America and often require Sap-Seal caps for the anchor bolts that hold them in place to prevent rust and corrosion.

We have seen an increase in requests for Sap-Seal caps to extend the life of these elegant alternative energy sources.

We will have example photos of SAP-SEAL caps in action on solar trees soon.

SAP-SEAL Caps for Subsea Risers 3/23/2012

Recently, we sent Sap-Seal screw-on caps to Norway to cover 3½" riser bolts that will be in the North Sea for 4 months or more.

When these risers are retrieved and the bolts tensioned, the same protective caps will be reused.